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  4. Class of 2020 Graduate Recognition

    Class of 2020 Graduate Recognition

    During this time of uncertainty, many high school seniors have had their senior year cut short. Seniors will miss many milestone events and they will have to forgo their graduation ceremony. However, we are committed to celebrating the accomplishments of these high school seniors. We have partnered with Food City to present the Class of 2020 Recognition as a way to honor those high school graduates!

    Please recognize and honor a 2020 Graduate by submitting their name, a photo, and their future plans under their school name.

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  6. Days off at Work

  7. Days off at work

  8. Football Tailgate Personality

    Football Tailgate Personality

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  10. How Much Do You Know About Halloween?

    How Much Do You Know About Halloween?

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  15. News Sentinel's Promotion 7

    News Sentinel's Promotion 7

  16. Refugees: Do you know the facts?

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  20. UT Game View Quiz

    UT Game View Quiz

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    What Downtown Beer Are You?

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